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May 20, 2012
@ 10:40 pm
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thebattlefrontier said: Hey, hey, Arceus! You gave me an idea! I can use many of your recipes to make food for my grad party next month. :D It can be Poke-themed! I can't wait to tell you how it turns out.

I wish you luck! Baking is fun and rewarding. I recommend setting aside a full day prior to your grad party to prepare the snacks.

If you plan to do Pokeblocks, keep them chilled; put them on a tray over some ice when you serve them! All the other treats will keep perfectly fresh for a day, haha.

Don’t forget to hang a picture of me somewhere so I can party too!


May 20, 2012
@ 9:05 pm
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thebattlefrontier said: Dear Arceus, your poke-recipes fill my heart with glee! I plan to bake poffins this summer... but now, for a challenge, what about Pokeblocks? Do you have a recipe up your sleeve for those?

Yes! I posted a Pokeblock recipe a couple months back.

Here’s a link!